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How many days after taking Plan B can you start to drink alcohol?

  1. I took Plan B two days ago, and I was wondering how long it stays in your system, and when I am allowed to drink alcohol?

    Answer by Barbara
    Alcohol and Plan B have nothing to do with each other. Plan B is just large amounts of birth control so u can drink alcohol whenever. Just think about it people that take birth control pills every day can drink alcohol whenever they want to, they are not restricted.

  2. I took plan B about an hour ago, and I was wondering how long it would take before the side effects of the pill begin? I know ehat the effects should be, tenderness of breasts, nausea, vomiting, headache, dizziness, erc. I was just wondering how soon after taking the pill the effects should begin?Thank you!

    Answer by Breezy
    You may not experience any of the side effects or you may experience a lot of them. It just depends on how your body reacts. The one time I took the pill, I took it at about 8Am in the morning and by the afternoon I felt sort of tired, and dizzy and had to lay down. Those are the only side effects I experienced (I did not throw up or get breast tenderness) and I had a period a week later, so the pill worked for me and I did not become pregnant. I suggest you try and take the next few days off incase you react badly to the pill.

  3. My gf took Plan B one step with in 1 hour of the accident around 3:10pm. Her Breast became tender later on that night.
    Do the side effects occur that fast ?
    Or I something wrong ?

    Answer by CrazyLife
    Perfectly normal.I was dizzy for a whole day 20 mins after I took Plan B.

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